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Alfeco Foundation donates to Hoedspruit Leopard Sanctuary

May 2023

The Alfeco Foundation, a social responsibility arm of the Alfeco Group/Holdings, a leading integrated metals and energy company in South Africa, has recently made a significant donation to the Hoedspruit Leopard Sanctuary, a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to the conservation and protection of leopards in the Limpopo Province.

The donation was made as part of the Alfeco Foundation’s vision to support wildlife conservation and education in the communities where it operates. The Alfeco Foundation has been involved in various conservation initiatives, such as hosting children from the Alexandra Township for the International Yoga Day at the Wanderers Stadium, supporting the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre, and sponsoring the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

The Hoedspruit Leopard Sanctuary was established in 2000 by Fred Berrange, a former game ranger and leopard researcher, who realised the need for a safe haven for leopards that were injured, orphaned, or persecuted by humans. The sanctuary provides a natural environment for leopards to recover and rehabilitate, with the aim of releasing them back into the wild whenever possible. The sanctuary also conducts research and education programs to raise awareness about the plight of leopards and their importance for the ecosystem.

The donation from the Alfeco Foundation will help the Hoedspruit Leopard Sanctuary to continue its vital work and expand its facilities and services. The donation will also enable the sanctuary to collaborate with other conservation organisations and stakeholders to ensure the long-term survival of leopards in South Africa.

The Chief Executive Officer of Alfeco Holdings, Sachin Ahuja, said that he was proud to support the Hoedspruit Leopard Sanctuary and praised Fred Berrange and his team for their dedication and passion for leopards. He said that leopards are one of the most iconic and beautiful animals in Africa, and deserve respect and protection from human threats. He also said that he hopes that the donation will inspire more people and businesses to join hands in conserving wildlife and nature.

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